Crash Kits


ENC for the entire kit is 5.

It is in a durable plastic bag closed with a zipper.

Thermal Cloak
Thermal blankets and thermal cloaks remove up to ■ ■ from any checks made to handle the effects of extreme heat or cold.

Multi Purpose Knife
A knife with several tools built into it to make survival easier. Remove ■ from any checks made to build or harvest food.

Distress Beacon
Solar charged beacons send out a signal whiles activated. A full charge lasts for 12 hours. It takes 10 hours of sunshine to recharge. Adds 2 boost dice to sensor attempts to find the beacon. Planetary range scale short.

Wire Spool
120 Meters of wire. There is a built in wire clipper for ease of use.

Two Emergency Comlink
These stripped down comlinks have no real features but the following. They are hardwired to communicate on a specific frequency. They work with any other comlink of the same manufacture and are poor quality reception at distance but the distance is fairly far. They are also equipped with a beeping button to sent beeps over the same frequency.

10 Ration packs
As bland and flavorless as the life of an Imperial stormtrooper, ration packs are a common item on smaller ships used to augment or replace actual galley fare.

Each can be easily reconstituted into a full meal through built-in heat infusers and limited hydration. Most ships include emergency ration packs in case of disasters such as hard landings or engine failures, and while not all are actually made for the Imperial Army, most follow the same standard make.

Understandably, ration packs are one-use items.

Emergency Medpac
Medpacs are common even on those ships that do not engage in activities of dubious legality, for even those with little medical training can use the contents to treat injuries and save lives. Most ships carry several. and they are a common component in most survival gear. Standard medpacs contain field dressings, bacta patches, basic drugs, antiseptics, medical tools and knives, blood coagulators, synthflesh applicators,
and more, all designed for ease of use and fast patient stabilization. The GLiS (General Life-Sustaining) also has a limited diagnostic scanner to monitor a patient’s vital signs, and a computer that can provide treatment options. The intention of this medpac is to allow for basic first aid in the field.

Medpacs allow characters to attempt to heal others using Medicine checks without penalty, as detailed on page 219.

Two Respirators
The Gandorthral Atmospherics Roamer-6 is a fairly simple variant stored aboard many starships that fi lters harmful atmospheres and provides additional gases to produce a proper oxygen-nitrogen mix.

Water Filter and Jug
Reusable filter cleans water for drinking.

Glow rod
A glow rod is a hand-held light source that illuminates an area in a directional beam.

Hi Strength Microfiber 50 meters

Flare gun
Contains two flares.


Crash Kits

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