Under the Boot

Scive of Hum and Vilainy

They met with Vorash. A hut 2nd hand man to Ommesh Yul Narba. They scheduled a meeting.

They trade it for 6k and removing marks against Massa and Uron.

Felucia Feelings

After registering the Tenebrus for 1000 cr on Alderaan the party went to Felucia to look for parts for Meego’s cloak. He had discovered that Kinova Global made something called a Dynamic Dissipation Coil. These devices are used to cool Hyperdrives on capital ships. While Kinova Global normall does not deal with the public, Meego was able to strike up a conversation with one of the engineers.

He agreed that if the Tenebrus took a load of Oriam Filters to a customer in the Trion system, he would pay them in a Dynamic Dissipation Coil. Through shrewd negotiation, they were able to pick up 10 units of fuel for the trip as well. They were to return with the datapad with the proper transponder signature to receive payment.

Attaching the cargo, magnetically, to the underside of the Tenebrus (( 2 setback for ventral gunning and pilot checks in atmosphere )) they jumped to the Trion cluster. Upon exiting the cluster they realized they had gotten there way too early.

The rendezvous was at an old mining station in an asteroid field. When their contact arrived in a YT1000, he was being chased by two Ghtrok pirates.
A battle ensued.

Alderaan Angst

The team arrives on Alderaan in record time!

While leaving the ship they stumble across another ex-employee or Rubba Ramesh Narba. After a brief Narshadian stare down they make pleasant chat before continuing on to the Capitol in Aldera.

On the way, a tail was discovered and a fight broke out on the moving walkways in front of a space scout troop. In the investigation two of the PC’s had their weapons confiscated but no other complications arose from that incident…. besides some scarred young lives, witnessing death up close.

The met with Senator Ro’vena. After a successful negotiation they made a large sum of cash which they spent fixing the ship and buying supplies.

Now to decide who to approach with the info of the abandoned planet.

Ryloth Reconnoiter

The team decided to try to sell the plates they found back to the Rylothian government. However, upon arriving on Ryloth they discovered what a world looks like under imperial rule.

They were limited in what they could do. The Twi’lek population was under severe scrutiny. News feeds reported that Ryloth was independent and secure. It was far from it.

They found some local educators who speculated on what the plates would be worth. However, due to the Imperial Presence they would not be able to sell them here.

They were given the name of Senator Ro’Vena on Alderann. In exile. They have started back toward the Tenebrus to take that journey.

Tooling Around Tatooine.

The PC’s have docked at a Grade 3 dock and paid 60cr for the first days dock fee and an additional days of power.

Next bill due in 2 days 20cr + any maintenance hours and consumables refreshed.

Three bounties were given and the team has chosen to try and get all three.

  • Sala 440 credit no harm. Get her to thumb scan a datapad after she has read the letter.
  • Bif tunga/ 780 credit eviction violent. No harm to the building. Bring squatter to Gareebo’s Management Office.
  • ZAal Mineti Duros 1100 credit no harm whatsoever. Bring to the field office of Susuuro Engine works.

We left off with the team surrounding the Squatters building on the outskirts of town. It sits on a large parcel of land that appears to be used as a refuse area. Piles of loose trash are everywhere. As they approached the building from all sides, a blaster shot rang out. He knows you’re out there and does not appear to be in a cooperating mood.

Having succeeded in two of the three bounties our team found itself rewards with a hard days work. two light blasters aint bad for a bonus.

On the Jungle Planet

The ship is now space worthy. However micro fractures from the crash are plaguing the Tenebrus. One stray asteroid would spell death in the black.

Pre session 0
the talk ... before the talk..

Session pre 0.


What type of Star Wars game are you looking to play? Basically how do you want to “align” yourselves? I will tailor objectives to that.

The force

How prevalent do you want it in the game?


Give some thought to your characters Obligation. Obligation is a core narrative and game mechanic in EDGE OF THE EMPIRE. Obligation influences both the characters and the adventure, often in unexpected ways.

It can introduce new and unplanned alterations to the current circumstances. It also mechanically reinforces the concept that the universe responds to the characters’ actions and that their decisions mean something beyond both the GM’s and players’ immediate control.


What Style do you want to go for?

  • Comedic
  • Gritty
  • Romance
  • Swashbuckling

Or what combination are you looking for?

Does everyone plan on playing nice with the team? Does anyone care about betrayal?


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