Under the Boot

Pre session 0

the talk ... before the talk..

Session pre 0.


What type of Star Wars game are you looking to play? Basically how do you want to “align” yourselves? I will tailor objectives to that.

The force

How prevalent do you want it in the game?


Give some thought to your characters Obligation. Obligation is a core narrative and game mechanic in EDGE OF THE EMPIRE. Obligation influences both the characters and the adventure, often in unexpected ways.

It can introduce new and unplanned alterations to the current circumstances. It also mechanically reinforces the concept that the universe responds to the characters’ actions and that their decisions mean something beyond both the GM’s and players’ immediate control.


What Style do you want to go for?

  • Comedic
  • Gritty
  • Romance
  • Swashbuckling

Or what combination are you looking for?

Does everyone plan on playing nice with the team? Does anyone care about betrayal?


Alignment: fight the empire
Force: I don’t want to get force choked, but I also don’t want to be a Jedi.
Obligation: Weego has nothing left to loose. He’s tired of having things taken from him and would want to stop others from suffering at the hands of the empire.
Style: comedic swashbuckle? I can’t see our group avoiding dick jokes entirely. I like the idea of a group of misfits making a difference against the man.

Pre session 0

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

After the one shot we will be making your own characters. So if you want to keep the basic personality go for it. I just wanted to reiterate that you were not bound to that character.

Pre session 0

Alignment: Fight the empire.
Force: I like my sci-fi on the science side. I like my fantasy but the mash-up of the two takes me out of the moment.
Obligation: Have to consider this.
Style: I suspect I am in line with Dave. I do like a bit of grit from time to time as well though but comedic swashbuckling sounds like a great way to spend a gaming night.

Pre session 0

Thank you for the response!

Pre session 0

Force:I like the force, my character doesn’t use it.
Style:Swashbuckling misfit adventurers sounds good to me.

Pre session 0
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