Under the Boot

Tooling Around Tatooine.

The PC’s have docked at a Grade 3 dock and paid 60cr for the first days dock fee and an additional days of power.

Next bill due in 2 days 20cr + any maintenance hours and consumables refreshed.

Three bounties were given and the team has chosen to try and get all three.

  • Sala 440 credit no harm. Get her to thumb scan a datapad after she has read the letter.
  • Bif tunga/ 780 credit eviction violent. No harm to the building. Bring squatter to Gareebo’s Management Office.
  • ZAal Mineti Duros 1100 credit no harm whatsoever. Bring to the field office of Susuuro Engine works.

We left off with the team surrounding the Squatters building on the outskirts of town. It sits on a large parcel of land that appears to be used as a refuse area. Piles of loose trash are everywhere. As they approached the building from all sides, a blaster shot rang out. He knows you’re out there and does not appear to be in a cooperating mood.

Having succeeded in two of the three bounties our team found itself rewards with a hard days work. two light blasters aint bad for a bonus.


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