Under the Boot

Felucia Feelings

After registering the Tenebrus for 1000 cr on Alderaan the party went to Felucia to look for parts for Meego’s cloak. He had discovered that Kinova Global made something called a Dynamic Dissipation Coil. These devices are used to cool Hyperdrives on capital ships. While Kinova Global normall does not deal with the public, Meego was able to strike up a conversation with one of the engineers.

He agreed that if the Tenebrus took a load of Oriam Filters to a customer in the Trion system, he would pay them in a Dynamic Dissipation Coil. Through shrewd negotiation, they were able to pick up 10 units of fuel for the trip as well. They were to return with the datapad with the proper transponder signature to receive payment.

Attaching the cargo, magnetically, to the underside of the Tenebrus (( 2 setback for ventral gunning and pilot checks in atmosphere )) they jumped to the Trion cluster. Upon exiting the cluster they realized they had gotten there way too early.

The rendezvous was at an old mining station in an asteroid field. When their contact arrived in a YT1000, he was being chased by two Ghtrok pirates.
A battle ensued.


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