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Clouds of Bespin

“I’m pleased you came, " the middle-aged Pan to ran man dressed in elegant blues and maroons says. "You have been recommended to me as people with a certain set of shills. I have a job offer for you—a scheme that requires those shills. What I’m about to propose is illegal, confidential, and could be somewhat dangerous—and, if you’re successful, could pay out tens of thousands of credits, perhaps more. I think you’ll discover it’s well worth your trouble. Now, which of you is interested?

A few days from now, a valuable gemstone will be auctioned here on Cloud City. The gem is known as the Jewel of Yavin and has a reputation for being ‘unstealable.’ The plan is this: infiltrate the auction and manipulate the bidders to raise the bid. We want the jewel to sell for as much as possible for maximum return when we slice into the central computer network and redirect the auction credits to our own accounts, hmm? The gala and gem are being held at the Figg & Associates art museum, which isn’t designed to protect an object that valuable, making this the best chance we have to nab it. You heard me right: we’re going to steal the gem twice. " -Arend

• Computers: In addition to needing a competent slicer, computer spikes, and encryption samples, the surveillance system in the art museum should be disabled for the heist as well.

• Knowledge (Lore): Corusca gems may also be used as lightsaber crystals, meaning they are potentially as deadly as they are beautiful.

• Mechanics: In addition to custom modifying the cloud car to suit, it may also be worthwhile to track down the Cloud City schematics to figure out the best entrances and exits for the art museum.

• Piloting (Planetary): Many races are won before even stepping foot on the track. In order to best formulate a strategy, the party needs to find out more about the racecourse and racers and hire on mechanics (page 46) and co-pilots if need be.

• Skulduggery: The party should attempt to examine the physical security features surrounding the gem itself, if not before the gala certainly during it. It may also be worthwhile to investigate the security guard details.

• Streetwise: The Four-and-a-Half cantina and the entirety of Port Town ares the best places to find other villains and scoundrels who may offer their expertise or services for a fee. Apparently the cantina is also where a number of the jewel’s guards have been going during their off-shifts.

pick up a communication jammer to stop lobot


The massive Hutt Kaltho belongs to one of the most prominent kajidics in Hutt Space.

Shreya’s past is shrouded in mystery before she attended the University of Sanbra, but somehow she came to leave the Togruta homeworld,

Mil Mikkir was born to a life of luxury and wealth, thanks to his father’s expansive business endeavors, and he has continued to live off of his inherited money and status all his life.

Pos Podura is one of the most out-of-place individuals attending the high-class gala.

To many involved with the auction, the old human Elaiza is as much a curiosity as a bidder.

he mining consortium she represents would pay a great deal for a display piece such as the Jewel of Yavin.

The last bidder involved in the auction for the Jewel of Yavin is a Cloud City native and a major player in its underworld affairs.

Clouds of Bespin


One of the most important tools of a prepared slicer is a good computer spike. These single-use devices carry out automated functions, such as flooding a network with garbage data to mask the slicer’s movements, and are designed to burn out to prevent the attack from being traced back by the network’s administrators. Computer spikes are made for a specific task, carefully calibrated to deal with a specific network, and the best slicers adjust their spikes for such variables as a specific planet’s electromagnetic field or for local communication traffic patterns that could cause even the slightest signal modulation.

To prepare a computer spike of their own, the PCs need time to work as well as the appropriate materials to construct and program it to their specifications. The materials are simple enough to acquire; they can be repurposed from datapads and other electronic devices. Buying enough devices to build the spike in this way costs about 300 credits. The materials may be found at some specialized retailers for half this cost, provided the PCs are willing to take the time finding one.

The work to create the spike requires at least ten hours, although it can be rushed to a few hours of feverish work if necessary. Doing so adds ■ to the Computers check to create the spike. Once these concerns have been handled, one of the PCs (or a hired slicer— see the Expert Help sidebar, right) must make a Hard (♦♦♦) Computers check to construct the spike. The PCs should then compare the results of the check to Table 1-2: Computer Spike Bonuses (left) to see what bonus the spike will grant during the slicing job.

Clouds of Bespin

Day 1.5.

No slicers have been found. The spike has been made but no encryption data.

Lobot has at least 2 guards with him at all times and you failed to tail him.

Pilots to beat. Team Storm hawk, Carbine the hutt team, Rayzer the local.

Floor plan of the museum with “darkspots” recorded.

Clouds of Bespin

Modification to pod:

This uncommon upgrade installs redundant systems within the electronics of an airspeeder, allowing it to be pushed beyond standard limits without risk of overload. Most teams find it simpler to replace any damaged components between races, ensuring that a pilot has fresh equipment for each race, rather than risk over-complicating the vehicle’s systems. Augmented buffer may only be attached to vehicles of silhouette 2 or lower.
Models Include: None.
Base Modifiers: Increases the vehicle’s system strain threshold by one.
Modification Options: 2 Increase system strain threshold by one Mods.
Hard Points Required: 0.
Price: 750 credits.

Small thrusters attached to the exterior chassis of a vehicle increase how responsive it is during flight. The application of these varies considerably, from the crude strapping of rocket or jet packs to the outside of a vehicle to the careful addition of a completely separate fuel line to grant extended use. Maneuvering thrusters may only be attached to vehicles of silhouette 2 or lower.
Models Include: Arakyd Aerodrive Thruster Augmentation System, SoroSuub CornerTech Maneuvering Thruster.
Base Modifiers: Add one to the vehicle’s handling. Modification Options: None.
Hard Points Required: 1
Price: 500 times silhouette in credits.

A repulsorlift enhancement increases the output of a standard airspeeder’s repulsorlift engine considerably. Vehicles with this upgrade deplete their fuel cells at a dramatically increased rate. Since most races are relatively short in duration, and those that are longer have the opportunity to use a pit crew to recharge their cells, this makes them an extremely popular choice with most racing teams.
Installing this attachment requires an Average (♦♦) Mechanics check Repulsorlift enhancements may only be attached to vehicles of silhouette 2 or lower. Models Include: None.
Base Modifiers: As a maneuver, suffer 1 system strain to add + 1 maximum speed for one round. Modification Options: None.
Hard Points Required: 1 Price: 2,500 credits.

A very common practice on starships and in more violent, less reputable races, upgraded weapons are actually something of a liability in the Cloud City Grand Prix. Given that the destruction of enemy vessels is strictly prohibited, overly powerful weapons can result not only in disqualification but prosecution as well. Installing this attachment requires a Hard (♦ ^ Mechanics check. This upgrade may only be attached to vehicles of silhouette 2 or lower. Models Include: None.
Base Modifiers: Increases the damage of one weapon system by one.
Modification Options: None.
Hard Points Required: 0.
Price: 1,000 credits.

Clouds of Bespin

The rest of the day. Armor stripped off cloud car Armor -2 Speed +1
Full Encryption + fake login credentials.

Succeeded in following Lobot.

Uron and Mass are doing the rest of the day.

Clouds of Bespin
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